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New EP – “Unsere Zeit”

This is my first EP. After building the studio last year I spent the last months writing recording and mixing these five songs. Over the last couple of months, this project was my main focus and I have put most of my time, energy and creativity into it. I am very glad how it turned out. The five Songs are about love life and the eternal hope that "everything is gonna be all right"... like Bob used to sing. Along with the EP I put up a new music [...]

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Recording Studio.

Hallo everyone! it’s been a while. So I thought about making this quick update. For the last half year I have been setting up a studio and gotten deeper into audio recording. So far it has been a great learning expierence and thanks to the help of family and friends the project has been coming along. It’s been a lot of work setting up the place from scratch, but when I look around now in my new recording studio I am amazed how well it all got together. I am [...]

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New Website!

Finally my website is online. For the last weeks I have been tirelessly programming and designing this thing. Going into this project without much knowledge about the matter I think the outcome is pretty nice. The tools I used are all out on the internet, they just need to be found and put together. Reading was my main occupation for this project, a lot of reading! ; ) Thanks to the great support of several websites, many youtube videotutorials, emails and phone calls, it was possible for me to work [...]

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