I give professional electric- and acoustic guitar lessons. Work on chords, rhythms, melody, comping, improvisation, soloing, technique, sight-reading, repertoire and music theory, with the help of material that I create on basis of your favorite songs to fit your abilities and ambitions.

Having performance and recording experience in many bands with different styles, I am offering to teach committed guitar players! Whether you are just starting out and need someone to show you the ins and outs to become a better player, I can help you! Any style you want to learn, I will strive to teach you to the absolute best of my abilities. – No matter in which style of playing your interested – I help you improve.

Giving guitar lessons from the age of nineteen, I have a lot of experience working at different music schools and with privat students.
From classical guitar pieces over pop/rock tunes to metal, from your favorite song to jazz improvisation – your interest and motivation comes first. I meet your individual wishes and work with you to reach your goals on the instrument. Together we can advance your skills – by most importantly having fun playing.


We meet at my home or I am coming to you, as long as you are living in the area of Bonn. I use lightweight equipment, which I am happy to bring along to give you guitar lessons. You can choose between weekly lessons or one lesson every two weeks.

I offer guitar lessons to children starting at the age of five.


If you are interested we can arrange a free trial lesson.
The guitar lessons are either 30 minutes or 45 minutes long. Depending on your wishes we can also have a 60 minute lesson. I offer lessons for one student or group lessons for two.
All my privat students get to have lessons during the school holidays. In comparison to many music schools I am not canceling lessons for the holidays.

Here you can find the rate for each one-to-one guitar lesson:

prices until September 2016

first trial lesson 30 min.: free of charge
30min class – 17€ per lesson
45min class – 25€ per lesson
60min class – 32€ per lesson

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